Buckwheat Pillow – Xlarge


Buckwheat Pillow – Xlarge


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The 20" x 26" extra large buckwheat hull pillow is the standard pillow size in North America. Price will vary based on fill amount. The recommended fill amount is 10 to 12 pounds of hulls. This pillow requires more buckwheat hulls due to its size, also making it heavier. We found that 10.5 pounds is a good amount.

With a pillow of this size, if the pillow isn't filled enough, the hulls have too much room to move around before hitting the limits of the fabric resulting in your head not being as supported compared to a smaller pillow with the same fill weight.

Consider this pillow for the extra thickness it can provide, not just because it will fit a standard pillow case.

One advantage to a pillow this size is that you can grab the pillow by the zipper end and hold it up so the buckwheat hulls gather at the other end, then fold the loose fabric underneath to make the pillow smaller, and thicker since the buckwheat hulls less room to move. See how to fluff the pillow for some tips.

All of our pillows are made with 100% cotton downproof ticking and filled with the hulls of Canadian-grown buckwheat