Buckwheat Pillow – Small


Buckwheat Pillow – Small


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This 14" x 20" small buckwheat hull pillow is the standard Japanese pillow size.

While being much smaller than a conventional pillow, you don't really use a whole pillow normally!

Buckwheat hull pillows are very popular in Japan, so this seemed like a good size to start with. This pillow gets our second recommendation for most people. If you have narrow shoulders or a small head, consider this size. The maximum weight of hulls that this pillow will hold is 6 pounds, so adjusting by half pounds or less will be noticeable. Even at 3.5 pounds, the pillow is approximately 2" thick. This size of pillow is good for most people but if you're concerned about the thickness, you can use a thin conventional pillow underneath your buckwheat pillow to raise it up, or put it on top to add some softness.

The smaller size doesn't give the buckwheat hulls very much room to move while you sleep, so once they lock into place under the weight of your head, they tend to stay there for the night. If they do shift and you find it uncomfortable, simply pick up your pillow by the long edge furthest from your shoulder to let the buckwheat hulls gather at the bottom, lay it back down and rest your head on it. See how to fluff the pillow for some tips.

All of our pillows are made with 100% cotton downproof ticking and filled with the hulls of Canadian-grown buckwheat.