Buckwheat Pillow – Med


Buckwheat Pillow – Med


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Our recommended size for most people! The 16" x 22" medium buckwheat hull pillow is slightly larger than the standard Japanese pillow size, allowing for more room around your head. Price will vary based on fill amount. The recommended fill amount is 5.5 to 6.5 pounds of hulls. See our chart for how thick these weights are.

The buckwheat hulls will shift under the weight of your head, but lacking the extra space that the larger pillows provide, they will not move as much by morning, so your head will end up at pretty much the same height as when you fell asleep, while still not feeling as cramped as the smallest size. See how to fluff the pillow for some tips.

All of our pillows are made with 100% cotton downproof ticking and filled with the hulls of Canadian-grown buckwheat.