All Season Washable Wool Duvet- Queen


All Season Washable Wool Duvet- Queen


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Washable Wool Duvets

With genuine superwash wool fill, our washable wool duvets can be gently machine laundered when needed.

Using British superwash wool and a slightly closer quilting pattern, SnugSleep's washable wool duvets are available in summerweight and regular weights only. These washable wool duvets are also available in crib size.

Our SuperWash wool uses the "Hercosett 125" shrink proofing process to allow for laundering. We choose not to apply additional chemical fresheners after the operation so that some users may find an unexpected smell. This smell will dissipate with time or after washing. If you require a 100% natural product, please choose our all organic duvet, but note the organic wool is not washable, so it needs extra care.

Duvet Sizes:

Crib 36" x 45" (Washable wool only)

Twin 64" x 88"

Double 78" x 88"

Queen 89" x 90"

King 106" x 90"