HUSH Weighted Blankets

The Hush weighted blanket came to light on Canada’s Dragon Den television show but has become universally sought after for the therapeutic effects it has for those suffering from anxiety, insomnia, sleep apnea, depression, ADHD, OCD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and those just seeking to find quick and restful sleep.  Scientifically proven to ease stress by using weight to aid in relaxation through Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation, the 7000+ 5 star reviews are a testament to the quality and durability of the product.

While Hush blankets have been described as a warm hug and are perfect for our Canadian winters, there are also cooling weighted blankets that have been developed for our hot Canadian summers.  Enter the Hush Iced 2.0, which along with Hush pillows, sheets, throws, sleep eye masks, and combo packages will keep you sleeping soundly no matter the weather.

Let’s not forget our little ones as Hush has a line of child-sized weighted blankets that cater to our kids too.  Send them off to sleep quick as a wink. Hush.

Hush Classic Weighted Blankets

Classic Hush Weighted Blanket

Like a much-needed hug, the Hush Weighted Blanket helps turn stress and anxiety into 100% CALM. 

You’ll love this science-backed, stress-reducing (lowering cortisol), happiness-inducing (upping serotonin) and sleep-initiating (hello, melatonin) weighted blanket!

Simply get the blanket that’s 10% of your body weight or 10% of you and your sleep partner’s combined weight. And, if you’re in-between weights, simply go for the heavier blanket. 

No prescriptions needed. Just one blanket that you can take with you anywhere!


Hush ICED 2.0 Cooling Weighted Blankets

Grey rolled Hush Iced 2.0 Cooling Blanket

The Hush Iced 2.0 blanket takes the relaxing and sleep-inducing power of our Classic Weighted Blanket to the next level with the cool-to-the-touch, naturally wrinkly, 100% bamboo cover.

Unlike other brands that sell a “cooling cover”, this blanket is engineered to wick away sweat and keep you cool all night long.

We recommend choosing an Iced 2.0 blanket that is 10% of your body weight or 10% of the combined weight of you and your partner. If you feel like you would enjoy more weight on you, feel free to move up a weight!

If you are a hot sleeper or simply want to enjoy the benefits of a Hush during the summer months, the Hush Iced 2.0 cooling blanket was made for you. 

Hush 2-in-1 Blanket Bundles

Hush 2-in-1 Bundle

 Now you can enjoy the power of a Hush weighted blanket all year round in this conveniently packed 2-in-1 bundle. 

This bundle includes:

  • 1 Hush Inner Weighted Blanket [Connects via Hooks & Ties]
  • 1 Hush Iced 2.0 Cooling Cover
  • 1 Hush Classic Duvet Cover (Cloud White or Charcoal Grey)

Super easy installation and care.

Simply remove and swap the cover, throw it in the wash, and hang to dry.

Hush for Kids Weighted Blankets

Girl sleeping under Hush weighted blanket for kids

For the child in your life who just can’t fall asleep, lives for warm hugs or just needs some help getting into a calm state of mind.  Hush kids weighted blankets come in kid-friendly designs like Paw Patrol, spaceships and unicorns in sizes and weights appropriate for their little bodies.  They can even have their very own ICED kids weighted blankets if they are hot sleepers or want to use them in the summer too.

Hush Pillows

throuHush Pillow and FillThe Hush Pillow is fully adjustable which means it works for any sleeper (side, back, stomach). 

This was developed using a custom hybrid of shredded memory foam and vegan down (shredded microfibre) for the filling. This allows your head to relax into a feathery dream while still being gently supported by the memory foam.

The removable and easy to wash bamboo cover is naturally antibacterial and made with anti-face-wrinkle technology. Providing a safe and soft touch for your face all night long.

  • Perforated Bamboo Cover is cool to the touch and ultra-breathable with constant air flow
  • Hush foam and faux down hybrid means the pillow is very soft yet supportive, and never loses it’s “oomph”
  • 100% antibacterial bamboo cover protects your skin from harmful toxins that store and build up in regular pillows (even after just one use)
  • OEKO-TEX certified. Made with ethically-sourced fibres that are organic and hypoallergenic
  • Pillow is Standard Sized 

Hush Throws

Blue Hush Throw Blanket in Front of Hush Box

  • Delivers much-needed stress-relief  whenever you need it, coupled with exceptional portability due to its lighter weight.
  •  Dual-sided blanket for ultimate comfort and versatility.
  • The removeable ultra soft inner blanket can be removed and used as a cooler option is desired
  • Awesome for stealing naps in front of the TV (or between zoom meetings!)
  • Makes cuddling during the movie a dream.
  • Dissapear into a great book while sipping tea!
  • One size fits all, so no weight or size decision need to be made. It’s a personal size, but two people can fit under one for some cuddle time.


Hush Sheets

Hush Sheets-min

Ready to complement your bed, your body, and your sleep tonight?

Enjoy the softest, coolest Hush Iced fabric in the form of elegant bedsheets!

Not to mention this sheet is naturally anti-bacterial which means a cleaner, longer-lasting sheet set!

No pilling, and every wash only makes it soft as butter without losing the unique cooling effect.

This set includes:

  • One fitted sheet
  • Two king-size pillowcases (Twin set comes with 1)

Sleep like you never have before and complete your Hush Iced look with this sweat-wicking set.

Material: 100% Organic Viscose Bamboo

– Sheets Are Final Sale –

Hush Eye Masks

Hush Eye mask and boxAs the name suggests, this NEW Hush Eye Mask was specially designed for complete darkness and comfort. 

The special-made, adjustable eyecups of this sleepmask allows your eyes to “float” suspended without any fabric pressing against it. 

Just did your lashes, or have sensitive skin? This mask will protect your most precious eyes.

Made of ultra-soft foam and jersey fabric, you can even roll on your side and stomach with complete comfort and pitch-black relaxation due to the unique 3D design.

This is the mask that converts even non-mask wearers. The moment you put it on is when you realize that complete darkness is what you needed all along.



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