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The TEMPUR® Line
SnugSleep™ Wool Comforter, Wool Mattress Overlay and Wool Pillow

SnugSleep Products

SnugSleep products are made with a special, proprietary blend of the finest New Zealand wools, developed and refined over 20 years to maximize the benefits of wool.

Wool has it all:

  • Super insulation
  • Resilience
  • Moisture absorption
  • Natural flame resistance
  • Therapeutic benefits


SnugSleep™ Organic Latex Gold Mattresses - NOW AVAILABLE!

Latex Gold Mattresses

A superior investment in quality

All 100% natural Latex Gold mattresses by SnugSleep are built to provide a safe, healthy, and long lasting sleeping environment. Our multi layer mattresses build custom support and comfort layer by layer for each sleeper. Ranging from the basic 6" block regular mattress to the supreme 10" multi layer mattress (5/6 layers of latex), all Latex Gold mattresses by SnugSleep offer:

  • choice of own support level for each sleeper
  • certified organic cotton knit zipped-on cover
  • 100% pure New Zealand wool comfort layer
  • pincore latex design for superior air circulation
  • non allergenic/natural antibacterial properties
  • no toxic off-gassing
  • dust free
  • longevity

Watch this video and learn more about SnugSleep™ fine products

SnugSleep™ Wool Duvets

SnugSleep Wool ComforterAt SnugSleep we specially select hi-bulk premium New Zealand wool to ensure our duvets have maximum loft and insulation. Our specialized carding and manufacturing processes further enhance this natural wool loft for optimum insulation and comfort. However a great wool is only half the job. The material that is chosen to cover it is equally important. We choose a soft, durable percale cotton that allows maximum breathability. We do not use down-proof cotton or cotton with too high a thread count as these materials greatly reduce wool's unique moisture controlling benefits. Our minimal quilting stitch pattern allows the wool fill to regain maximum loft.

SnugSleep wool duvets available in 3 weights:
  • Summer weight - perfect for warmer weather or year round in an apartment or condo
  • Regular Weight - for many sleepers just perfect all year
  • Deluxe Weight - cooler homes, or sleepers who feel the cold easily

Our summer weight duvets have 20% less wool than the regular weight, and the deluxe duvets have 20% more wool than the regular weight.

SnugSleep Alpaca & Wool Duvets!

50% Luxurious New Zealand Alpaca fibres
50% New Zealand hi bulk wool
Snugsleep's breathable cotton cover

Silky, soft and contouring alpaca fibres combine with wool's proven therapeutic benefits and unique moisture control abilities to create a luxurious, lightweight duvet with unsurpassed comfort and warmth.

Available Sizes:

  • Twin 64" x 88"
  • Double 78" x 88"
  • Queen 89" x 90"
  • King 106" x 90"
  • Super King 112" x 95"

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SnugSleep™ Wool Fill Mattress Pads - Encased by breathable preshrunk cotton cover

Washable Wool Mattress PadsSnugSleep’s superwash wool mattress pads provide a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment. Wool's unique ability to absorb up to 1/3 of its weight in moisture without feeling damp, allows it to efficiently wick away the one litre of moisture vapour our bodies lose each night. This prevents moisture build-up in the mattress, prolonging the life of the mattress as well as greatly increasing sleeping comfort.

SnugSleep’s wool mattress pads feature 100% pure New Zealand superwash wool and breathable pre shunk cotton coverings. Custom quilting and edge stitching assure non shifting of wool fill and elastic corner straps stretch to fit all mattress depths.

Wool has it all:

  • super insulation
  • resilience
  • moisture absorption
  • natural flame resistance
  • therapeutic benefits

Available Sizes:

  • Crib: 27" x 52"
  • Twin 40" x 77"
  • Double 55" x 77"
  • Queen 61" x 81"
  • King 79" x 81"

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SnugSleep™ Wool Pillows - The only pillow you will ever need

SnugSleep PillowSnugSleep's choice of the finest loose wool knop fill provides the ultimate in support, comfort and correct neck alignment. Conforming easily to accommodate side, back and stomach sleepers, SnugSleep's wool knops ensure correct head support and spinal alignment regardless of the sleeping position. With wool's unique moisture control properties, dampness in the neck area is eliminated, greatly reducing problems with neck stiffness and joint pain.

Our zippered cotton cover provides not only ease of laundering, but also allows, by removal or addition of wool fill, further adjustment for individual sleeping preferences and mattress firmness.

SnugSleep wool knop pillows are available in three sizes and two fill levels, with additional wool knop fill able to be purchased separately.

SnugSleep Wool Knop Pillow - the ultimate in customized comfort and support

Available Sizes:

  • Regular or Extra Fill:  
  • Standard  
  • Queen  
  • King

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SnugSleep Wool Mattress Overlays

SnugSleep Mattress OverlayThe SnugSleep Advantage with 750 grams per square metre of 100% superwash wool pile, SnugSleep wool mattress overlays provide excellent cushioning, comfort and maximum moisture control benefits. This material was designed exclusively for the bedding industry ensuring a silky smooth surface for optimum sleeping comfort.

A SnugSleep Wool Mattress Overlay will:

  • eliminate destructive moisture build-up in the mattress
  • prolong the life and comfort of the mattress
  • ensure a dry, relaxing sleeping environment
  • provide joint cushioning and areduction in compression
  • provide an environment inhospitable to dust mites

Available Sizes:

  • Twin  
  • Double  
  • Queen  
  • King

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SnugSleep - Alpaca & Wool DuvetOrder the SnugSleep Products from Ducky Down

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