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The TEMPUR® Line
Pro-Pil-O - Neck Support Pillow for $185.00Pro-Pil-O

Made in Germany. This Latex neck support pillow, PRO-PIL-O, was developed by American sleep researcher Dr. L. H. Dixon so that you can enjoy the perfect sleep. Thanks to its precise orthopedic shape, you always lie correctly. The cervical spine is relieved of stress, and the neck and shoulder musculature can relax. In doing so, the soft neck support plays an important role.

Climate control is also perfectly resolved The fine cotton pillow cover, combined with the generous ventilation channels, ensures that dampness is efficiently conveyed away. One side of the pillow cover contains original Comfortemp®. The pillow cover is pure white quilted cotton for easy laundering and sewn into the cover is a comfort membrane which disperses heat from the sleeper's head.

High quality Latex is hypo-allergenic, and when sleeping on a neck support pillow for the first time it can take 3/5 days for the cervical muscles to settle in the new correct and supported position.

Order the Pro-Pil-O from Ducky Down - Our price $185.00 + $27.75 shipping to North America.
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