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2821 Pandosy St.
Kelowna B.C., V1Y-1V8

Local #: 250-762-3130
Toll Free: 1-800-667-4886

Business Hours:
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Tuesday to Friday
9:30 AM to 5 PM
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The TEMPUR® Line

Custom Manufactured of Quilts, Pillows & More

Ducky Down has many years of experience in this trade so we can build it to last. High quality, high thread count material gives you, the customer, just what you want... a long lasting, durable product.

For quotes on custom manufacturing to your specifications...

You ask and we'll build it
contact us... Email Ducky Down

Here's Adriaan in our shop filling a pillow to an accurately measured weight. The machine behind Adriaan measures the weight and holds the pillow in place.

Overfill a pillow... it would be too high and too firm, if there's not enough fill it's like sleeping without one.

Adrian filling a pillow

Look over here Adriaan and smile (there's a smile behind that mask).

Adriaan, how much did you say a pound of feathers weighs?

Adrian smiling for the camera

Working in the "operating room" stitching up a pillow, Gwen puts the final touch on her work. Soon it will be someone's comfort and joy.

Add pillow cases from our Duvet Cover Sets to these pillows and you would not believe how beautiful your bedroom will look.

Gwen "closing up"

Hey Gwen... look over here and smile. Click, thank you, now get back to work...

Gwen stopping just long enough to smile

We offer refurbishing of old quilts as well as custom-built new ones. If you have a project that requires down or feathers, chances are we can help you out.

For a quote on a custom job or further information please... Email Ducky Down

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The TEMPUR® Line -
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